Even though I have extensive knowledge of Facebook,   and used Twitter for a little while, this blogging is a different matter.  This is my second class at Walden University, and I have been working on registering for different blogging and websites in order to be able to participate in my class with my other classmates.  However, I have finally found a blog that I can work with and it is WordPress.  I have been able to follow various instructional design and training blogs with a little understanding.  This will be helpful for: 1) the class I am here to take in order to advance myself in the teaching world; 2) a blogging site, I understand a little and as time goes on, I hope to be able to have a deeper understanding of how this works.

            Even though I watched the videos several times, the video on “Blogging in Plain English” (Laureate Education, 2013) for me was not in plain English, as I did not understand anymore about blogging then before I listened to it.  I took the chance and signed up with WordPress, so far I have been able to follow others that are in instructional design.  There is one article in particular I read about how the online education is the wave for the future and I will be following this person’s ideas (Debbie Morrison, 2014).  There is so much information out there about blogging, instructional design and technology, that it does become overwhelming to absorb all of this information.  Another reason I found this site interesting is that it talks about Goggle+, Goggle Hangouts, Gmail and Yahoo!.  I have set up my Gravatar with these various sites and I am looking forward to hearing from my professor and peers.

            However, I am confident that I will be able to become a successful blogger, as well as to learn more about instructional design in this class.


Debbie Morrison. (2014, March 9). The next big thing in online education..learning in real time. USA.

Laureate Education. (2013). Retrieved from Blogs in Plain English.


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